Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I gotta say I'm a little sad - subscription dipped a bit today and what's worse, no one can spell my name so I just don't feel the love.


that's neurothustra.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Alienating our Audience!

only 12 hours after the release of our first podcast, our subscriptions are through the roof...and by 'through the roof' I mean slightly higher than the last episode.....and I'm talking about a very low roof....perhaps a large dog house. You know, the ones you can get at Home Depot that look like children can play in, with electricity? You know, the ones that your kids WON'T be playing in because they're inside all summer on XBL playing games, telling me I suck cock better than I play Halo 2? Yeah...thats the dog house I'm talking about. The roof on it? We're fucking through it!
Image Verification on Comments

I don't like doing it but I have noticed spam cropping up and I just don't like it. If you feel motivated enough to leave a comment, then you should be motivated enough to verify you're not a spambot - otherwise we aren't interested in what you want to say anyway.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Episode 1 is out. We talked a shitload more than we planned on, and we don't know if that's a good thing yet. Let us know.

Here is a link to that ODDBALL machinima, found over at

You can click on the image for a link to the game stats on

This is the Coagulation (that Derek kept calling "Blood Gulch" during the show!)match where the kid screwed up my escape with the flag, and I died by the rocks. Please notice how much running around inside the enemy base like an asshole.

Ascension. Note the long span of inactivity where we were camping. I was like a rabid monkey sitting there waiting for those guys to come out - Derek had to keep me on a leash.

It's Terminal! I held the joint down with the Wraith. It's what I do.

Backwash. We just got destroyed. Not even remotely dignified!